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Ask Medusa!

Hello There! I am Her Royal Highness Princess Medusa of Echidna, daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, and heiress to the Throne of Abyss. I live on the Wonderful Island of Echidna with my companions Arachne the Spider Pony and Amani the Jinni and all of my lovely devoted subjects! Perhaps you could stay a while and ask something? ((This is a SFW ask blog featuring cartoon monster ponies! Don't take it too seriously cuz I don't. Please please PLEASE look at FAQ Before posting questions!)) ((Meddy Trotter by Nraco!)) ((Mobile Header by Zolah!))
Jul 21 '13

Amani: “Or maybe I’m in some crazy alternate reality where Meddy’s just a normal Earth Pony, wouldn’t be the first time the lamp’s sent me to the wrong place…”

((So with that Meddy will start doing a few questions as a normal pony! Also a minor mod note, my birthday is coming up on Wednesday! Hopefuly I can get to a couple questions before then. I doubt most tumblrpon people will notice though, there’s a bunch of more talented and more interesting pony artists with birthdays coming up anyway.))

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