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Ask Medusa!

Hello There! I am Her Royal Highness Princess Medusa of Echidna, daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, and heiress to the Throne of Abyss. I live on the Wonderful Island of Echidna with my companions Arachne the Spider Pony and Amani the Jinni and all of my lovely devoted subjects! Perhaps you could stay a while and ask something? ((This is a SFW ask blog featuring cartoon monster ponies! Don't take it too seriously cuz I don't. Please please PLEASE look at FAQ Before posting questions!)) ((Meddy Trotter by Nraco!)) ((Mobile Header by Zolah!))
Mar 16 '14

Yur main may smell of phresh SssSpring flowursSs, but you can’t hyde the sSsstink of HISSSS magik from me, you weird brown thing.

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